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just checkin out the comments and how it'll look
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[the dry flip flip of a page and the quiet rattle of a chain swaying back and forth. They were in a garden, the paths forking and twisting every which way. Destiny stands before the gem paladin as if he were always there, perceiving the passing of time and every step taken towards the future.]

Welcome, Taric.
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[Destiny inclines his head, the shadow cast from his cowl shifting over his features. His voice dry like the dead leaves of autumn.]

No, you do not, but we are meeting now, in this place.

[the summoners and the eldest aspect held many similarities. Both observed the actions of others, but Destiny prefers to play a more passive role. He will forever choose to remain in the backdrop.]
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[Destiny does not return the gesture; the paladin's hand left outstretched between them. Civilities, it seemed, were beneath the Endless.]

Your formality is noted and appreciated, but we must walk now if we are to arrive where we must be when necessary- things we have yet to discuss. Courses that have yet to be taken.

[he turns and begins to walk.]